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Egbert van der Does
Welcome to the website of Egbert van der Does,
artist and DoesShoes designer.

As a young man,  in the mid seventies, I started drawing and painting. In the late nineties I added designing and making handmade leather shoes for both men and women.

Being an artist, to me, isn't only a necessity of life, it's also a quest.
What lies deep within myself waiting to emerge?

An artist must always explore unknown paths and doing so he has to stay close to himself.
I'd rather not be influenced by others, even though that is a difficult, perhaps impossible, task.
I love to create original, unique, things. Therefore I stick to my motto: always search for the unknown.

In the late nineties I got completely stuck in my quest. At that point I switched over to learning shoe making skills. After a ten year break, I continued painting too.
Sometimes a problem resolves itself, provided that time can do its job.

DoesShoes are made for people who want to distinguish themselves. Shoe fetishists.
For men who are tired of always having to wear brown and black. For women who want beautiful and distinctive shoes on their feet.

I make  buckled shoes or shoes with laces for men. Of course the classic brogues, in all kinds of colour combinations, but also pointed rock & roll shoes. Always unique, always different.
Women can choose from countless designs. All of them can be made with high, middle high or  low heels. I have lots of special buckles and accessories to combine with too. And there's an almost infinite choice of leather in all sorts of colours and prints. A bit of embroidery, for instance a logo, a symbol or the name of a friend, can help personalize the shoe you are looking for.
For special occasions I will look out for  colour schemes to match your clothing.

DoesShoes are completely handmade, but not totally custom-made.
I deliberately chose to work with standard size ranges, which make a pair of DoesShoes a choice within everyone's reach. To determine which model fits best, you pay a visit to my studio and try various sizes and widths. The most comfortable shoe model corresponds with the last that will be used for your pair. No endless measuring sessions, but a quick process.

DoesShoes: designer shoes with character.


Ever since I was a young man, from the end of the seventies onwards, I have been drawing and painting as life's fulfilment. After watching a television documentary about Paul Gauguin I started off with very romantic views on artist life. But I have to walk my own path. And how do you know if a path is right? That's a question I can still barely answer.
In the early days I painted almost everything: stills, portraits, landscapes and abstracts.
After 25 years however, I quite suddenly decided I had to stop painting due to lack of progress and sense of direction. It was a 10 years interruption. Luckily the little painter devil in me was ambitious and tenacious enough. He didn't take defeat for an answer and persisted: Why not try again? You have nothing to lose and you can always decide to stop again...

To my surprise what didn't work before, now did pay off. I found my own way, another entrance.
Even though it is hard work, to me, painting is a way of listening to my gut feeling.
Whilst painting I try to let everything go. I want to surprise people. Surprise myself. And my brush finds its own way in order to get off the beaten path.

My keywords: give attention / concentrate / hands over mind / do it